“Ik werk elke dag en elke sessie met een duidelijk doel en plan, en altijd met tools om feedback te geven…” Jurrian van der Vaart

The quote above was made by Jurrian van der Vaart, a young Dutch playing professional, and translated into English he said: “I work every day and every single practice session with a clear plan with set goals, and always with tools to get appropriate feedback”

He is clearly training with the right mind set. In golf, actually in any sport, we make use of two mind sets: Training Mind Set (practice) & Trusting Mind Set (play). Both mind sets are helpful when utilized at the right time! The Training Mind Set is necessary when first learning a skill or for grooving a skill; the Trusting Mind Set is essential for optimal performance while competing(or when you are simulating competition).

Golfers must utilize the Trusting Mind Set during practice so that they are comfortable trusting while they compete. During practice, players should be in Trusting Mind Set at least half the time. While practicing the Trusting Mind Set, coaches or teammates should not offer any feedback on stroke or swing mechanics. Feedback should be greatly reduced and limited to reminders to see the target before each shot and visualisation of the shot, and occasional strategy suggestion.

Training Mind Set (characteristics)
• Active Mind
• Evaluates and passes judgement
• Forces things to happen
• Impatient
• Works on technique
• Sets expectations and standards
• Concerned with looking good
• Self-critical
• Internal focus on muscles
• Controlling mind
• Focus on how the ball gets there
• Logical, analytical, thinking and problem solving
• Has certain expectations

Trusting Mind Set (characteristics)
• Quiet Mind
• Non-judgemental
• Lets’ things happen
• Patient
• Just play the game
• Throw away expectations  Doesn’t have any expectations
• Win “ugly” when you have to
• Accepting attitude
• External focus on the match
• Free up and let go
• Focus on where to hit the ball
• Allow eyes and body to react to situation

Do you have the right mind set?